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Graduation Grade 12 "International Section "

Magic of Dreams


Chocolate Factory

Honoring of Stemco

Steam Competition at Dupai

Pre-School Graduation

Magic Dreams

Steam Fair Accreditation

تكريم القران الكريم

honoring the outstanding students in the International Section's sports league

Top Studens International Section

Steam Competition


Steam fair

Iftar Ramadan Language school

Bazaar and Iftar Day

بالقرآن نرتقى

Ramadan football

KG Competition

اهلا رمضان

The winning teams in the boys' and girls' football and basketball leagues

The Robotourney Steam competition

Ramadan Celebrations

رحلة الملاهى

بالقرآن نرتقى

The outstanding students in religious education and Arabic language

Science Fair "International Section"

The opening ceremony of the Africa Cup at Manarat El Mostaqbal Language School

American Line

Fun Trip to The Amusement Park

Special visit to the campus of the British University

Congratulations to the outstanding students at Manarat ElMostaqbal International School!

Admission Is Open for new academic year

From Page to Stage

Manarat El Mostaqbal Language School the honoring of primary teachers

International Day

Winter Break

The elementary school football league

Scientific experiment

Short Story Competition

يوم اللغة العربية

يوم اللغة العربية القسم الدولى

يوم اللغة العربية للمرحلة الأعدادية والثانوية قسم اللغات

Auto Vrooom Trip

National Day

Planet Protectors Event

morning line

مهرجان أطفال العالم

Fayoum Trip

International Day

Morning Line

Belly Beez

Spelling Bee

Morning Line

Ski Egypt

Family Park

Palestinian Bazzar

Morning Line "Language Section "

The Tigris Valley

The Robot Challenge 2023 (Sumo Mega) championship

Student Elections

Pajama Day Extravaganza at Manarat EL Mostaqbal International School????????

Parent’s Meeting

The Morning Lineup of Manarat El Mostaqbal Language

دورى كرة القدم للمرحلة الابتدائية

تكريم مسابقة ميراث النبى

Celebrating the victory of the October War

Honoring "Language Section"

The Morning Lineup of Manarat El Mostaqbal Language School

Honoring "International Section "

Morning Line "Language Section "

Funday " Kindergarten" Language School

Back To School

Entertainment Day For Teachers

المولد النبوى الشريف


Orientation "Kindergartens"

Grade 12 "Back To School "

Back to School

Orientation "Language Section "

Orientation "International Section "

Orientation Day "International Section "



Seniors' walk, a walk to remember!

Honoring Excellence

IT'S Time of KG Harvest


Pre School Graduation

"Speak Job"

No To Bullying

Student Clubs

تكريم مسابقة القرآن الكريم

Traffic Town

Parents’ meeting with the Language section

"تكريم مسابقة القرآن الكريم "مرحلة رياض أطفال

The ceremony of the schools that were most interactive on the Najwa, Selah

School Hub-Day #One

Parents’ meeting "American Section "


Al Muezz Street

University Visit

The Science Fair

Morning line

لغتنا هويتنا .. شخصيتنا .. سر قوتنا

لغتنا هويتنا .. شخصيتنا .. سر قوتنا ..

Awareness campaign about the issues of Bullying and violence

Congratulations to all of you on your outstanding achievements

Winter Day

Future university Visit



KG Fun Day

Our Good Manners

Grade 11 Debate

Healthy Day

Community and Health

STEM Department Honored The Outstanding Students

Describing and measuring matter Science department

Quotouf AL Adab" & "Nature's Fury"

Assemble and operate the ATM

Fagnoon Trip

Honoring ???? the winners of the math projects

احتفال مرحلة رياض الأطفال باليوم العالمى للغة العربية

Fayoum Trip

Atheletic Excellence

Kindness Awareness Campaign

Parents' Meeting "language section"

Teacher In-Service Days

The American Section's Family Day

Occupation day

Social Projects

Eco City

Sports Day

The close of the football league for montessori

Science Activity

Happy House

مسابقة القرآن الكريم و الحديث الشريف على مستوى الادارة التعليمية .

Banana cake

Manarat ELMostaqbal Basketball League

Bullying prevention awareness

"AL Fayoum"girls

"AL Fayoum"boys

Picnic Day

Happy Birthday our Little Angels

Manarat ElMostaqbal Soccer league

Clothing Charity Day منارة الخير

Climate change

Family Day "Kindergarten"

Fayoum Picnic

"Generation of the future "Gr.9

"Generation of the future"Gr.8

Art Workshop

Democracy Breeze

Common Ground

Awareness Campaign "Disorders and Diseases of Body Systems"

Parents 'Meeting "American Section"

KidZania Trip

Parents' Meeting

Family Park

The school proudly honors its champions

Children’s world festival meet .

Manarat ELMostaqbal Football League .

Manarat ELMostaqbal Football League .

Happy Birthday our Children❤

Manarat ELMostaqbal Football League .

The Top Achievers Celebration "American Section "

STEM Education

Prophet Mohammad’s Birthday

The High Honor Students in The Academic Year 2021-2022

6th of October Celebrations

Back to school Primary 1,2,3

KG Funday

Back to school Pre-school & KG1

Back to School " KG American "

Welcome back to school! from 1 to Gr.6

Orientation Prep &Second

Orientation Day" Kg2"

Orientation Day " American "

Physical Education Training

LE Orientation Day "American"

Benchmark English Program Training

Orientation Kg1-Pre School

The Academic and Admin teams of the National section honoring

تدريب المعلمين على استخدام منصة نجوى التعليمية

KG Orientation Day




ورشة عمل تدريبية على المناهج الحديثة

Back to School Preparation

Subject Selection


“The professional development training”

American Summer Course

شارع المعز



شارع المعز


Summer Camp


شارع المعز


Summer Camp


Manarat Summer Camp

تهنئة منتخب المنارة بالفوز فى نهائى دورى الكاف

تهنئة منتخب المنارة لكرة القدم

3rd Preparatory Graduation

Primary 6 Graduation

Montessori Elementary Graduation

Montessori KG Graduation

KG2 Graduation Language School

KG2 Graduation Language School

Stay Tuned 1st of July #شارع_المعز

Stay Tuned Circus

Stay Tuned 27th of June #بيانولا

Stay Tuned 29th of June #Circus

Stay Tuned 1st of July #شارع_المعز

Stay Tuned "شارع المعز "

Stay Tuned " بيانولا "

Stay Tuned "The Circus"


Stay Tuned "circus"

Stay Tuned " بيانولا"

Stay Tuned "شارع المعز "

تكريم حفظة القرآن الكريم

The Top  Students From Each Grade For The Second Trimester

Junior Recycler

Primary Ramadan League final Grades 4, 5&6

احتفال قسم اللغة العربية بمرحلة رياض الأطفال بعيد الفطر المبارك

Ramadan Football League 2022

How the world works under the theme "origins"

Shahbandar Bazar

كِرْ تُراثُنَّا أشْرِي نَالِيهْ

Ramadan’s Football League

Al Moez Ldin Allah Al Fatmi (المعز لدين الله الفاطمي)

The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization. (المتحف القومي للحضارة المصري

Fagnoon Art School


Wellbeing Day

Parents’ Meeting Day

Ahlan Ramadan

محاضرة بعنوان استقبال شهر رمضان

رَمَضَان كَرِيم

Science fair

An achievement after the other!

“Happiness Day”

An achievement after the other!

An achievement after the other!

Our special day with our high achievers is a day to remember

تكريم الفائزين فى مسابقة القرآن الكريم بمرحلة رياض الأطفال

New Comers’ Open House

Teachers are being trained to use all features of the active panels.

Series 3 of Parents’ Orientation Middle and High School of the National Se

Series 2 of Parents’ Orientation Primary of the National School

الطلاب إثناء تأديتهم صلاة الظهر

American Honoring

Al Fayoum and Wadi Al Rayan

Manarat El Mostaqbal Congratulates its Heros

Parents are our partners.

PTA Meeting of February

Montessori Teacher’s Training

Smart Panels

IB Training (language school) Teachers Primary Stage 1 to 4

IB Training (language school) Teachers Primary Stage 1 to 4

(Kagan environment in international school and 6-12 in the language one)

IB Training (language school) Teachers Primary Stage 1 to 4

IB Training (language school) Teachers Primary Stage 1 to 4

"Recycling competition" National KG Department

Air Zone

احتفالية مثالية من اللغة العربية (بمدرسة منارة المستقبل القسم الدولى )

Manarat Almostaqbal rejoices in its heroes

German Day Prep &Second

" لغتى هويتى " يوم اللغة العربية للمرحلة الأبتدائية

Arabic Poetry Festival

Manarat talent show Primary

La journée française

Le bonheur et la guère

Social Day Primary

Girls Sports Day Prep &Second

Healthy Science Day Primary

Four Seasons American

Science Fair Prep & Second

Math Day Primary National

English Day Primary National

"Manarat's Got Talent" English Department- Prep and Sec Stage

English honoring primary stage

French Day National

German Day National

Prep and Secondary Sports Day

احتفال مرحلة رياض الأطفال بيوم اللغة العربية

Dr. Arafa Ragab an Azhar Al-Sharif

Parents’ Meeting National

Parents’ Meeting American

International Day - KG

Falling is a destiny. Rising back again is a choice. Omar Hegazy is a large

During his visit, the champ Omar Hegazy and our Montessori students has sha

Sports Day - Primary National

Children’s Day KG National

طلاب الصفوف الثالث الإعدادي و الثانوي أثناء تأدية الامتحانات التجريبية,.تدر

الطلاب إثناء تأديتهم صلاة الظهر ❤️ قسم اللغات

Awarding Prep students for their excellence in the English Language

احتفاليه عيد الطفوله

##Traffic Town

الطلاب إثناء تأديتهم الصلاة بالمرحلة الأبتدائية قسم اللغات

Sports Day Primary National

Identifying the importance of maintaining our teeth healthy

An English activity on family (am)

"Girls projects on “Countries Around the World

Sports Day Primary National

Prep&Second (English Activities)

مشاركة مدرسة منارة المستقبل القسم الدولى فى معرض KIDS EXPO

"KG Birthday "Happy Birthday to our Lovely Kids

عزف جماعي للمرحله الابتدائيه قسم التربيه الموسيقيه

معرض تراثنا

Sports Day (Montessori)

الطلاب إثناء تأديتهم صلاة الظهر قسم اللغات

(Welcome Seniors Enter (American

احنفال المولد النبوى الشريف بالقسم اللغات

احتفال المولد النبوى الشريف بالقسم الدولى

Winners of American School Football Competition &Volleyball Competition

الترحيب بالطلاب الجدد المرحلة الثانوية والإعدادية

الترحيب بالطلاب الجدد للمرحلة الابتدائية .

Elementary Egyptian Day American

KG Egyptian Day American

KG First Day National

Healthy Diet Day American

Primary First Day

KG American Orientation

Elementary American Orientation

KG American First Day

American First Circle

American Sporting Day

KG1 National Orientation

KG2 National Orientation

American 6th of October

Graduation KG National 2020-2021